How I Survived McCarthyism


Rehearsal for the Rosenberg Trial

The Cast of Characters

  • Elizabeth T. Bentley
  • Harry Gold
  • Roy M. Cohn
  • Irving H. Saypol
  • Judge Irving R. Kaufman
  • J. Edgar Hoover
What readers are saying:

“…a great lesson of what can happen when fanatics and demagogues conspire to prey on the innocent for their own purposes.”

“An important book written in compassionate and sensible style—a difficult accomplishment even decades after the events for a victim of lies, injustice and imprisonment.”

Introduction from Miriam Moskowitz:

“On a sleepy summer afternoon in July, 1950, in a sleepy coastal New Jersey town, the FBI, in its best imitation of popular ’50s TV shows, swooped down on me and Abraham Brothman, arrested us and threw us in jail.
I was Brothman’s secretary and friend. The charge against us was “conspiracy to obstruct justice.” I had no idea what that meant or what the government thought I had done but I knew it portended trouble for the charge had overtones of Soviet espionage and in the McCarthyite political atmosphere such hints of wrongdoing, true or not, would be disastrous. …read more »

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